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Lovers PointLovers Point Jazz Productions is dedicated to the preservation of early forms of American jazz in a new and uniquely 21st century way.  Certainly there are many ways to encourage the preservation of our heritage music.  Youth programs, for example, are a very important way to insure that the music survives, by training new generations to play it.  However, Lovers Point Jazz Productions attacks the problem from a different perspective:  the actual live (not archival) preservation of the body of work itself.

Over the years that our music has been played and recorded, much of its original content has been lost either by editing or by interpretation.  Early recordings of jazz and ragtime were wonderful archives of the music, but early recordings were responsible for the loss of many verses, second choruses, third strains, etc due to the time constraints of the record sizes.  Early jazz musicians, music hall performers, and recording artists, often put their own “spin” on the tunes, and down through the years that “spin” became accepted as the standard version of the tune.

Lovers Point Jazz Productions is seeking to preserve the original content of the music written in the early part of the 20th century by presenting lost parts and original lyrics that have been lost.  We are also mining for the many obscure, but viable tunes that have been lost, simply by not being played or recorded. 

How will we preserve and present this body of work in the 21st century?  We will present it live in concert by musicians uniquely qualified to play this fine traditional music; we will record these live concerts and offer the CD’s and DVD’s of the performances for individual purchase, and for public viewing (schools, PBS, cable channels, private showings).  We will produce an educational package to help future performers learn the music.  This will include lead sheets, lyric sheets, and recordings for study of the individual tunes, all available using the internet and digital age techniques.

Lovers Point Jazz Productions is the brainchild of Ann and Craig Wright, who have a passionate interest in early 20th century jazz, sheet music, performers, composers, lyricists, and styles.  We have utilized our extensive collection of vintage sheet music, books, and recordings from the period as a basis for this endeavor.  And we have tapped the resources of like-minded friends to begin a project that is intended to be on-going.

This is what Lovers Point Jazz Productions is all about.  We hope you will join us on our mission of fun, entertainment, enlightenment, and preservation.

Contact us via e-mail at jazz@loverspointjazz.com.

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